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Monday, May 03, 2010

Last week I stumbled across a radio interview with Neil Pasricha, the author of the new book, "The Book of Awesome". The book is a result of his fantastic website, , which he created at a low period in his life when he wanted to be reminded of the small things that made him smile. Things like,
  • The cool side of a pillow
  • Opening and sniffing a pack of tennis balls
  • The smell of rain on a hot sidewalk
  • Dancing when you're home alone
  • Popping bubble wrap
  • Laughing so hard you start crying
  • And 994 other awesome things

While I listened to Neil speak about what made him smile, I found myself nodding and smiling too. That great feeling was contagious as I pictured my favourite simple food things. I started to compile a list and was grinning the whole time. Go ahead and try thinking of your own awesome things, the sillier the better, and I dare you not to start smiling like the proverbial Cheshire cat! In the meantime, here are some of my awesome favourites: 

  • The smell of fresh basil
  • The crusty top of melted cheese
  • The taste of the first ripe tomato in my garden
  • A frosty glass from the freezer  
  • The granular icy part of a Lola  
  • The cork popping on a champagne bottle
  • The way the bubbles from the above champagne feel on my tongue
  • Eating summer cherries and spitting the pits as far as I can
  • My first coffee of the day

Have an awesome day! 

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